Penelope & Tonic – 355 ml

Tweed have created a delectable range of beverages infused with some of their most popular THC strain extracts. This particular beverage masterfully combines Penelope Distilled Cannabis with carbonated tonic water and other ingredients to create a refreshing cannabis experience. The convenient 355 mL can contains 2 mg THC and approximately 1.5 mg CBD per can.

It’s carbonated, it’s refreshing, it’s perfect for summer weather and just begs to be served over a tall glass with ice. Oh, and they’re entirely ready to drink right off the bat and require zero prep! Penelope is a hybrid strain that is neither sativa or indica dominant and lends itself beautifully to this mix.

Tweed’s refreshing line of cannabis-infused drinks will give you a whole new reason to say ‘cheers!’





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