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Balance Coconut Mixie Stick

Balance Coconut is made using 20 mg of pure CBD isolate and its caffeine-free formula focuses on the power of CBD, and CBD alone to raise your baseline performance, mentally and physically. Balance’s light coconut flavor makes it the perfect addition to a refreshing smoothie or a subtle enhancer of flavor to a cold glass of water. 

  • 20 mg hemp CBD isolate
  • Caffeine-free

Hemp CBD isolate is extracted from the hemp plant and separated from the other residual components. This makes isolate the purest form of CBD and guarantees you may steer clear of other cannabinoids like THC. The caffeine-free formulation combined with the straightforward effects of CBD helps settle the mind after a long, hectic day.

Zolt’s easy-carry, single-serving mixie sticks are sold in 10-pack and 30-pack bundles



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