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Boost+ Passion Fruit Mixie Stick

Each Boost+ Passion Fruit Mixie Stick is made using 20 mg of pure full-spectrum hemp extract and organic, immunity-boosting adaptogens and is naturally caffeinated to support optimum performance. A flavorful gulp of passion fruit with light undertones of dragonfruit makes it the perfect daytime drink. 

  • 20 mg full-spectrum hemp extract
  • Made with organic adaptogens
  • Naturally caffeinated

The full-spectrum hemp extract uses the combined power of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids to deliver powerful and effective results. The adaptogens used in the blend include organic guarana, astragalus, amla fruit, and reishi mushroom. This combination of ingredients makes Boost+ a natural source of energy, immunity, and protection against free-radicals & diseases.

Zolt’s easy-carry, single-serving mixie sticks are sold in 10-pack and 30-pack bundles. 



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