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Did you ever watch the movie “Limitless” with Bradley Cooper and wish there was a pill you could take to make you stand out from the crowd, reaching your optimum brain and body potential? Enter, 1906 Genius Drops.

  • 5 mg THC
  • 5 mg CBD
  • 30 drops/tin

1906’s Genius Drops carry a combination of five different plant medicines, caffeine, and cannabis that come together to provide Limitless-like cognitive performance.


2.5 mg
2.5 mg


Full Body
1 hour
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1906 New Highs

1906’s mission is to create a new category of premium edibles by bringing together the benefits and appealing to the healing power of plants. All their edibles are a combination of low-dosed cannabis, cacao, and ethnobotanical ingredients. Their products are designed to appeal to responsible, informed, health-conscious adults. Through high quality, constant testing, and a patented microencapsulated process, 1906’s edibles deliver fast-acting, effects, and a continuous, standardized dose. Their experiences are specially engineered to help you do everything better. They are on a mission to serve everyone by providing products that have the medicinal and healing properties of plants accessible to everyone.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto