RedecanGems 5:0

Gems 5:0 soft gels are made with a blend of ethanol extracted oil and greenhouse grown hybrid strains in Niagara, ON. These soft gels are pre dosed and easy to take with you on the go. Gems 5:0 is a smoke and vape free way of enjoying cannabis, making it an excellent choice for discreet consumption.

Each gelatin soft gel contains 4-6mg of THC and zero CBD blended with pure quality MCT oil, a derivative of organic and natural coconut oil. MCT oil increases bioavailability of cannabis compounds, allowing for effective absorption of cannabis into the body.

Gems 5:0 is flavourless and has a neutral aroma. These lightweight gels are perfect for pre bedtime or in times when you want to relax as they hold a mild THC potency. So sit back, relax, and rest your mind and body with these wonder gels!


5 mg
0 mg


Full Body
1 hour


The finest cannabis is made using only the best starting materials. With clean Niagra well water, ample natural sunlight, and a pesticide-free environment, Redecan Cannabis mixes innovative techniques with tried-and-true natural methods. In the end, the Redecan greenhouse is a haven for clean, pure, and healthy cannabis plants–just as nature intended.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto