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Say Hi to Penelope 10mg capsules by Tweed and say goodbye to inconvenience. Tweed has taken the forestlike, dense buds of Penelope, a hybrid strain with a balance of CBD and THC, and extracted every bit of goodness to create these softgels. They’re easy to use, easy to dose, and with a slow release, they’ll keep you feeling great all day long. It may increase certain cognitive functions, create a feeling of euphoria and an increased appetite. This product does not have a distinctive aroma.

This hybrid strain originates from buds that are narrow yet dense with brightly coloured pistils, and a piney aroma created by the alpha-pinene in the terpene profile. Each capsule contains 10mg of THC and between 6 and 10mg of CBD – making this extract and subsequent softgels a great daytime companion.

First time? We recommend starting LOW and going SLOW when it comes to consuming capsules. We recommend starting with a single, low dose softgel and waiting a day before upping your consumption, if required. So be patient before jumping ahead and taking more drops until you’re sure you’re feeling full effects.


10 mg
6-10 mg


Full Body
1 hour

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto