Solid Milk Chocolate – Balance

Who couldn’t use a bit of help finding balance right now? Chowie Wowie wants to help in the most scrumptious way possible with these delightful two piece solid milk chocolate edibles. With 5mg of THC per piece and an equal helping of CBD at 5mg per piece, you get the best of both worlds and end up on a perfectly level plane.

So take advantage of all the great euphoric effects of THC and the calming effects of CBD in a way that’s as delicious as it is discreet! There’s definitely enough THC in these little gifts of deliciousness to feel, even for seasoned users – so take it slow and remember that edibles can take up to 2 hours to full take effect.

Feel focused, calm, happy after these chocolates and they’re especially great for chill social engagements – movie marathon, anyone?




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