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Vanilla Chai Milk Chocolate SquareForay

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Consume your cannabis at a totally new level! Cannabis and chocolate, a match made in heaven, made possible by Forary! This is a delicious and discreet way of consumption. Using chocolate supplied by Barry Callebaut (one of the world’s largest chocolate suppliers), these chocolates are mixed with a blend of CO2 extracted cannabis distillate. All Foray chocolates contain traceable, all natural ingredients. So get the best of both worlds and indulge in your taste buds as well as the natural cannabis high.

Each Forary Vanilla Chai Chocolate square contains 10mg of THC and less than 1mg of CBD. The sweet and fragrant treat is perfectly enjoyed as a way of unwinding, perhaps while reading your favourite book or relaxing and watching a movie. Easy to carry with you and eat anytime, the chocolate square makes it a great way of managing your cannabis intake as it is already pre portioned for consumption. So treat yourself to some wonderfully elegant and milky chocolate as well as the calm energy provided.You deserve it!




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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto