GoodshipToffee Crunch Dark Chocolate

With 5mg of THC per piece and two pieces per package, these Toffee Crunch Dark Chocolates by The Goodship are delicious and great for sharing – if you can find the benevolence to share, that is… With zero THC flavour, the only thing you’ll taste is the exquisitely organic dark chocolate and toffee crunch explosion, with just a hint of crunchy sea salt, in your mouth!

The Goodship’s high-quality extract provides a full-spectrum high, allowing you to enjoy a complete, balanced experience. With double-tested infusions of THC, you can count on a consistent, uplifting experience, every time.

The Goodship believes in delivering a great high with ingredients that are good for your body. We use all-natural, sustainable ingredients, many of which are organic and sourced in Washington.




Full Body
1 hour


All aboard The Goodship. If you’ve got a soft spot for everything sweet combined with a love for CBD, then you’re in the right place. The Goodship is a team of bakers, artists, pioneers, and believers in all things good. So, they’ve created a modest blend of CBD infused with pastilles, and chocolate tokens and squares for all sweet tooths around.

  • Offers sweet-goods infused with CBD.
  • Has 13 years of experience with infused baked goods.

The Goodship believes that their products were created to be savored — by yourself, or in the company of some fantastic friends. With 13 years of experience with designing tasty confectionery, combine it with CBD and you’ve got a real treat on your hands.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto