Green Bali Reserve Batch – 1.750% MIT Level

Potent, Wellness-boosting Super Strain

This Green Vein Kratom is the ‘cream of the crop’—we only receive a limited amount from our Kratom farmer partners in Southeast Asia. Get it while you can!

On rare occasions, the stars align for an especially strong harvest of Kratom leaves. When the weather is perfect and the drying conditions are just right, a very small, reserve batch of Green Bali Kratom is produced from the plantations and farms in the JongKong region of Indonesia. It’s so rare to see batches like these that they represent less than 1% of our total shipments from Kratom growers in the region. These batches go fast, as they contain higher amounts of Mitragynine and other active Kratom alkaloids. Get your order in now before it’s all gone!

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