Kiva Blackberry Dark Chocolate Cannabis Bar
Kiva Blackberry Dark Chocolate Cannabis Bar
Kiva Blackberry Dark Chocolate Cannabis Bar

KIVA ConfectionsBlackberry Dark Chocolate Bar

Kiva Blackberry Dark Chocolate bar is a culinary delight combining 54% cacao, toasty cannabis, and juicy berry for a unique and satisfying taste. This bar will leave you feeling relaxed and functionally high.

Ingredients: Semisweet Chocolate (Sugar, Unsweetened Chocolate, Cocoa Butter, Potassium Carbonate, Lecithin (Sunflower and/or Soya), Vanilla), Cannabis Extract, Natural Flavors.

Allergy Warning: May Contain Traces of Nuts and Milk.


100 mg
0 mg


1 hour
5+ hours


20 pieces x 5mg THC per piece

KIVA Confections

In early-2010, just as the cannabis market was emerging from a shackled past, delicious, safe and reliable edibles were hard to come by. When Scott Palmer and Kristi Knoblich visited a local chocolatier, they found their calling. Palmer and Knoblich began pioneering new approaches to infusing food with cannabis. They began 9 months of intensive development, guided by three main principles: quality, safety, and integrity. Today, cannabis consumers of every denomination know KIVA Confections as a trusted brand that creates artisan-inspired products that are equal parts effective and delicious. From infused-chocolates to mints to gummies, KIVA Confections is redefining edibles for a new generation.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto