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Sweet & Salty Almonds in Dark ChocolateSatori

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Treat yourself with these sweet and crunchy micro-dosed treats from Satori. These Sweet & Salty almonds are roasted before being covered in premium quality cannabis-infused chocolate, containing a moderate dose of 6 mg of THC per piece. Try them and experience their rich, caramelized flavor and satisfying crunch followed by the light buzz from the THC.

  • 6 mg THC/serving
  • Approximately 16 servings/package
  • Ingredients: tree nuts, dark chocolate, caramelized almonds, tapioca dextrin, cannabis oil, confectioner’s glaze
  • Allergy warning: contains tree nuts

Satori’s cannabis oil is sourced from premium California sun-grown strains and is extracted following the highest standards to deliver a premium mouthwatering product that takes the edible experience to the next level.

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6 mg
0 mg


Full Body
3 hours

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto