SerraSpicy Passionfruit Gumdrops

And here it goes again; Serra with a jaw-dropping, mouth-watering edible. A THC-dominant treat that combines the unique sweet and sour flavor of passionfruit with the tangy spiciness of Thai chili.

  • 50 mg THC
  • Single strain

Another gluten, dairy, fat, and corn syrup free product from Serra that still manages to leave you craving more. Meant to produce a strong body high that mellows you out and relaxes the body when it needs to be relaxed.


Full Body
1 hour
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Serra is a vertically integrated cannabis company that takes care of their entire processes from growing the seed to selling the final product. Serra’s approach aims to move the cannabis industry forward by transforming the quality, reliability, availability, and perception of the industry. Their vertically integrated model and their highly qualified professionals allow Serra to have complete oversight over their processes and ensure integrity and premium quality.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto