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Dark ChocolateTokyo Smoke

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Cannabis infused confection made with a premium chocolate blend – are you ready to indulge? Enjoy a sweet treat of Sativa dominant cannabis infused into this delightfully rich, creamy and irresistible chocolate bar made with simple high quality ingredients. Why not try a new way of introducing yourself to cannabis, smoke free and portioned into 5 easy squares to deliver you the most convenient way of keeping track of your THC intake.

This dark chocolate bar boasts an impressive 10mg THC and little to no CBD, bringing your go to snack to another level! Flavours are of course deliciously chocolaty masking the cannabis taste leading to a more discreet and fun way of consumption. Other ideas of consumption may be to bake the chocolate into your favourite brownie recipe or even melt into some homemade traybakes!

So break a piece or two, sit back and enjoy the mood enhancing and relaxing effects from both cannabis and chocolate. There’s always a right time!


10 mg
0-1 mg


Full Body
1 hour

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto