Tokyo SmokeEase – Dark Milk Chocolate

Treat yourself to Ease dark milk chocolate by Tokyo Smoke, presenting a nice taste and, with the inclusion of an indica dominant cannabis extract, a relaxing effect – two things best enjoyed after a long day we think! Simplicity is a virtue and that’s why this bar is made with the finest and most natural ingredients – Cocoa beans, organic cane sugar, Cocoa butter, Whole milk powder, and CBD Isolate. The blend of dark chocolate and milk allows for a sweet treat for those of either preference.

Allowing for simple dosing with the simple design, a 5 piece cannabis infused chocolate bar is cannabis made simple we say. With the 5 easily segmented portions you have full control over your cannabis experience. Built to take the guesswork out of the consumption of edibles, these ensure that your overall experience is driven by intent. Each bar contains 1mg/ml THC and 10mg/ml CBD offering a more mild effect perfect for consumption any time of day!


1 mg
10 mg


Full Body
1 hour

Tokyo Smoke

Tokyo Smoke is an award-winning lifestyle brand and cannabis retailer. Founded by Lorne and Alan Gertner in 2015, the brand provides the means, space, and language to integrate cannabis into daily life. The Tokyo Smoke enterprise kicked off with hybrid cafes, selling artisan coffee and smoke accessories. Now, Tokyo Smoke boasts a full line of retail cannabis and is developing storefronts across the country.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto