MELTZ Compliant Gummies

Our gummies combine a mix of THCV, CBD, CBN, CBG, CBC + 0.3 Delta 9. They give you a lot by giving you a little bit of everything. With Meltz, all of our favorite elements come together for an awesome entourage effect.

Are Meltz tongue-pleasingly delicious? Yesssss. Are they mind-meltingly potent, pushing your experience to the furthest level? Double check. But that’s not the reason why they’re called Meltz. Meltz are meltz because they melt away any assumptions about what cannabis products can be. Simply put, Meltz push the boundaries of flavor and potency.

And how about the flavor? Stupendously great. Good times call for great flavors, and there are plenty to choose from. These gummies are compliant and you can experience them in any state.

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