Holy Punch

Holy Punch is an instant classic from the Strain Hunters™,  a team of cannabis breeders known for finding and developing some of the rarest cannabis strains on Earth. This Indica-Dominant hybrid is perfect for those looking for a grounding and restorative strain to consume after a stressful day of work, or before a mellow night in with friends.

  • Best time of day: nighttime
  • Terpenes: Limonene, pinene, ocimene, myrcene 
  • Flavour notes: Fruits and spice
  • Outdoor-grown flower
  • THC level: between 12% and 15%

With a unique terpene blend, this strain will for sure surprise you with its fruity and spicy flavors. The next time you’re preparing to kick off a night of Netflix binge-watching, spark up some Holy Punch and get into the groove. With this strain’s unique combination of terpenes, prepare for a mouth-watering mixture of sweet fruits accented by a hint of spice.





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