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North Star CBD

This strain is a star when it comes to CBD! This strain is an excellent choice for users who want to enjoy some of cannabis’s beneficial effects without the psychoactive elements. CBD is best known for effects including mood enhancement, relaxation, energy and focus – so users can expect calming effects with this strain without impairment.

Thanks to the dominant terpene Pinene the strain possesses a pink like aroma, reporting excellent in its anti-inflammatory properties and improving alertness in users. Users can find herb-like notes in taste from the Myrcene presence, all natural and proving great in enhancing your cannabis moment.

North Star CBD contains 0.5 to 0.7% THC and 13.5 to 16% CBD, and thanks to the strains relaxing effects it does an excellent job in reducing stress at any time. Thanks to the low THC content North Star CBD can be used during the day or evening.






7 g

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