Benchmark Botanics Inc.Nebula 2

This strain has been manifested into reality through collaboration between Paradise Seeds and the CBD Crew who have nurtured a strain that contains a fine balance between the active cannabinoids CBD and THC. Nebula is a 60 to 40 sativa forward strain, although the slight difference makes little difference in the effects.

This variety contains a 1:1 ratio potency featuring 7% CBD to 7% THC creating a delicate equilibrium between the two cannabinoids which makes for a smooth high that also contain pain and stress relieving qualities, awesome for re-focussing and getting engaged without enduring heavy handed psychoactive effects.


7 %
7 %


Full Body
1 hour

Benchmark Botanics Inc.

With a driven passion to become a global leader that curates high-quality cannabis products, Benchmark Botanics has set the bar when it comes to standards. Grown in state of the art growing facilities, their techniques soar, resulting in safe, high-quality cannabis each and every time.

  • Over 60 genetic strains.
  • Has EU partnerships.

Benchmark Botanics and their team painstakingly sieve through the weak to put forward the best. With EU partnerships and over 60 genetic strains, this brand is one you can count on.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto