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The classic, White Widow is a hybrid strain that we all know and love so well. Expect classic lemony aromas with zesty vibes and peppery spice notes to compliment the tanginess, attributed to terpinolene, myrcene and ocimene. Experience a world of calm as you slip into a serene mode of relaxation that will aid you in unwinding. The high is usually smooth and hard hitting whilst still maintaining a sense of self-awareness throughout.

White Widow is a mid to high strength crop with an average yield clocking in at roughly 19% THC and about 1% CBD. Certain reports show that vaporizing is becoming the norm for consuming this variety as it induces a clean and level-headed sensation.


19 %
1 %


Full Body
1 hour


Bonify is located at the heart of Canada in a 320,000 square foot facility in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Bonify focuses on providing medical cannabis products to patients and healthcare practitioners. Their mission is “to produce medical cannabis to help individuals get the most out of life each and every day.”

  • Canadian based cannabis company.
  • Providing medical cannabis products to patients and healthcare practitioners.
  • Quality assured medical cannabis.

Offering alternative and holistic health services, the brand offers products categorized across three pillars: Bonify 1, Bonify 2 and Bonify 3. Bonify is embarking on its research and development program with the mission to develop therapeutic cannabis-derived products.

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