Tropicanna is a two-time award-winning high-THC strain from Cannabiotix. This Sativa-dominant hybrid was selected as one of High Times Best Strains of 2015 for its unique and rich terpene profile. Its citric aromas are fresh and uplifting, also offering tangy pineapple scents. The energizing cerebral high gives you a general sense of wellbeing and is ideal for those who want to enhance their inspiration and creativity.

  • THC levels between 28 and 32%
  • Sativa-dominant hybrid ideal for daytime use
  • Cerebral, uplifting high 

Tropicanna is highly regarded as one of the best Sativas out there for its invigorating effects. Tropicanna’s high THC percentage makes it useful for daytime use without producing tiredness or sleepiness. It will keep you calm-minded and enhance your focus. Ideal for those who want to tap into their creative side.




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