CannTrustWalk the Dog

An indica-dominant cultivar, this strain is nurtured and cured to retain a moderate level of THC potency. The strain showcases a pungent sweet nectar taste and sour aroma with an underlying fragrance of forest berries and a hint of natural pine. Caryophyllene creates an earthy aroma while Myrcene contributes a lemony citrus vibe in collaboration with Limonene. The specific terpene profile produces olive green buds with redolent dark tones coated by frosty trichomes.

Walk the Dog is put through a light deprivation system to induce the development of specific terpenes that give it its unique appearance and aroma. The strain is hand grown and trimmed to ensure high quality and a THC potency of approximatelly 14%.


14 %
0.04 %


Full Body
1 hour


It’s easy to depend on CannTrust with a name like theirs, and they’ve got the credentials to back it up too. They’re federally licensed and regulated, have locations in Vaughan and Niagara, and have won several cannabis awards — including Licensed Producer of the Year.

  • Pesticide-free techniques to grow quality cannabis.
  • Licensed Producer of the Year award.

Their products are able to connect very different types of consumers through pure quality alone. Not to mention that the production is at a level that consumers expect, with 100% pesticide-free cannabis. By being completely committed to each aspect of the growth process, CannTrust has shown just how cannabis can elevate lives.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto