Color CannabisPedro’s Sweet Sativa

Pedro’s Sweet Sativa is an impressively strong sativa dominant strain by Color Cannabis. The strain itself is a Canadian-bred cross of a Dominican Sativa with White Russian and an unknown, very mysterious Indica. With a THC potential that ranges between 20% and 25%, and very little CBD, this Sweet Sativa will leave users feeling totally energized, focussed, but not too extreme to leave you unable to go about your day.

This Sativa-dominant hybrid produces large, airy flowers with a unique terpene profile. Expect to be confronted with sweet floral, summery scents with just a hint of delicious and perfectly ripe watermelon. If you have a bit of sweet tooth and are looking for an uplifting strain that will get you through any rough day, look no further!


20-25 %
0.05-0.5 %


Full Body
1 hour

Color Cannabis

Color is the finishing touch on everything. That is why Color Cannabis stands out like a rainbow against a dull sky. They believe that each individual is on their own cannabis journey, each experience being subjective.

  • Cannabis plants are hand-trimmed.
  • Flowers are dried naturally for better taste.
  • State-of-the-art greenhouses.

Color Cannabis has been able to experiment with thousands of plants which gives them an edge. Taking every step they can think of to ensure that their product is up to standard with taste, quality, and safety, Color Cannabis has created a new world of color.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto