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Considered to be somewhat of a throwback to the 90’s this strain has regained its momentum among the youth with its mid-high THC potency of 16% – 21% and a decadence of flavours that are rich and savoury – the kick you need to get going.

A close relative to the White Widow that has been bred with an Afghanistan derived strain to produce what the 90s indicas were all about. White Rhino has also been decorated as the 1996 Bio HighTimes Cannabis Cup winner.

The modernized version features rounded, semi-airy buds. Dark green in colouration with intermittent hues of rich purple and silvery highlights created by the glandular trichomes. The buds are cured for only 3 weeks and still deliver a crips, slightly sticky nug.


16-21 %
1 %


Full Body
1 hour

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