No.510 Blue Comet

Shooting for the stars? With Blue Comet you can. Uplifting, energising, and happiness just a few of the effects Blue Comet has to offer. The strain is known for its potential to induce a sense of euphoria. The mood boosting effects are great post workout or to get you through your busy day!

On appearance buds are bright green and yellow, with a pleasantly sweet array of fresh lemon aromas complemented by earthy and pine undertones. This sativa strain possesses an impressive terpene profile: beta myrcene, alpha pinene, beta pinene, beta caryopyllene. and linalool.

Blue Comet has a mid range THC content at 16-18% and virtually no CBD, resulting in a nice relaxed feeling followed by a sense of euphoria, creating more cerebral effects perfect for day time use. These effects are invigorating, helping you to feel more alert and tackle a physical activity or creative endeavor.





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