HEXOHelios Flower

With a moderate THC potential of 18% and low amounts of CBD, this sativa dominant hybrid is best recommended to be used during the daytime. Light green buds with piercing orange hairs and a heavy trichome make this strain a true beauty!

With a fruity pineapple aroma this strain is a real treat for your senses. Along with pineapple, users can expect sweet nectar and melon undertones to satisfy those sugary cravings.
Prepare to drift off to a blissful island filled with imagination – this strain is excellent for relaxing but active tendencies may arise. A descendant of Maui Wowi, HEXO really has developed a perfect escape with Helios. This is a sativa dominant hybrid at 60% and Indica at 40%.


18 %
1 %


Full Body
1 hour


HEXO does more than produce exceptional levels of cannabis, oh yes. HEXO is there for the day-one rebels, the ones that aren’t afraid to ask why — and especially why not. They challenge consumers to stay curious and to feel liberated in stigma-free cannabis use. And let’s not shy away from their selection of flower, pre-rolled joints, decarbed buds, oils, and sprays, because really, they’ve taken every consumer’s wish into consideration. So whether you’re a smoker or a hassle-free baker, HEXO has something for you to sink your pearly whites into.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto