Sweet, fruity and citrusy, this strain is perfect for satisfying those sweet cravings! All these flavours are courtesy of the dominant terpene profile myrcene, known to strengthen the effects of THC and increase its absorption.

The total THC content is 22% with little to no CBD, providing a moderately intense effect for many users. This is the perfect evening strain to dive into a calming and sleepy relaxation, perhaps when winding down from work or just watching TV.
Dark green in colour and indica dominant, the strain is grown in a hybrid greenhouse in Gatineau, QC, and hand manicured and sorted with a slow drying and curing process. So enjoy a Tsunami of mellowing effects along with a pleasant scent and a good crystal content!


22 %
1 %


Full Body
1 hour


HEXO does more than produce exceptional levels of cannabis, oh yes. HEXO is there for the day-one rebels, the ones that aren’t afraid to ask why — and especially why not. They challenge consumers to stay curious and to feel liberated in stigma-free cannabis use. And let’s not shy away from their selection of flower, pre-rolled joints, decarbed buds, oils, and sprays, because really, they’ve taken every consumer’s wish into consideration. So whether you’re a smoker or a hassle-free baker, HEXO has something for you to sink your pearly whites into.

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