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Kade’s Kush is an indica dominant cultivar that descends from Northern Californian and Afhani genetics. The combination gives this variety a diverse concoction of terpenes and a relatively high THC concentration of 17% – 30% THC with small but relevant traces of CBD of under 4%.

This variety produces compact and rounded buds with an extremely tight structure integrity which features dark tones of forest green with slight hints of opaque purple and dark orange and brown pistils. The acting terpenes are caryophyllene, nerolido,l and alpha/beta pinene which induce bitter-sweet aromatics with florascios notes, subtly underlined by a hint of spice.


17-30 %
0-4 %


Full Body
1 hour

High Tide

High Tide is serving up some of the most eccentric accessories that your cannabis has the privilege of cozying up to. Based in Alberta, they have over a decade of experience with retail cannabis accessories and have become the biggest counterculture chain in Canada.

  • Largest counterculture chain in Canada.
  • Distributes products for licensors like Snoop Dogg, Kevin Smith, and Trailer Park Boys.

Partnered with high profile names like Snoop Dogg and Paramount Pictures, High Tide has paired legends in cannabis with our favorite past-time. Their list of products includes a colorful list of bongs, vaporizers, pipes, and grinders to name but a few. Ride the wave in the right kind of tide.

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