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Durga Mata 2

Also known as DM2, Durga Mata 2 is an indica-dominant high quality strain pleasantly light on the high and very relaxing with mellowing effects. This is perfect for less experienced users or those searching for a more mild strain and is great for relaxing your mind and body at the end of the day.

You can expect minty and earthy aromas with scents of sweet citrus brought to life through the flow of terpenes, including limonene and myrcene. With dark green buds and orange hairs, the appearance sure matches the flavour.

Durga Mata 2 holds a nice percentage of CBD at 9-13% and THC content at 4-8% and comes with the benefits of being pre rolled for your convenience. Requiring nothing more than a match or lighter to initiate the product delivery, enjoy the calm of a more CBD-dominant strain!





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