Northern HarvestJack Herer

Jack Herer is a Sativa dominant strain developed by Northern Harvest. With a mid to high THC content this is the perfect afternoon pick me up! Jack Herer has a wide array of densely packed buds that are appealing to the eye – vibrant orange pistils with bright green flowers. Named after its creator, the strain is known for its energetic high along with a profound sense of euphoria.

Spicy notes with unmistakable hints of clove really perk the senses, the myrcene flavours are apparent throughout, a terpene most dominantly found in mango and hops. Along with this, users can expect herbal notes from the abundance of pinene present also found in dill, rosemary and basil.

The strain boats a nice mid range amount of THC at 13-22% and very minimal amounts of CBD at 1%. This is perfect for those who want that energetic buzz, great for a saturday night or perhaps even the motivation to cook and clean. Share with friends and get that social buzz feeling.


13-22 %
0-1 %


Full Body
1 hour

Northern Harvest

Part of the Maricann Group, Canada’s top producer of medical cannabis, Northern Harvest is known for providing some of the best medical buds. A recreational cannabis brand, they focus on authentic cannabis with a locally grown touch. All cultivated from Canadian soil and sustainably grown to ensure the highest quality cannabis.

  • Canadian grown.
  • The very best medical cannabis.
  • Sustainably grown.

The brand focuses on a wide collection of cannabis products ranging from mid to high THC content. There are many famous strains such as Strawberry, Jack Herer, and Haze – prepare to embark on a safe and beneficial journey with Northern Harvest.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto