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Gelato 33

Gelato 33 is a balance hybrid displaying 50:50 ratio properties and effects from both indica and sativa varieties. Commonly known as the mother of sweetness, she’s often used as a base crop for further breeding to incorporate sweet nectar aromas into new phenotypes.

On its own it features a diverse range of terpenes including: Beta Caryophyllene 41%, Alpha Caryophyllene 13%, and Limonene 13%. This promotes the dominance of certain flavours and aromas such as sweet berries and tangy orange with a subtle tone of mint.

This phenomenal cultivar is a harmoniously perfect hybrid, showcasing an equilibrium between Indica and Sativa. The phenotype is considered to be a member of the medium potency strain family, delivering a potency of 11% – 20% THC and insignificant quantities of CBD.





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