QwestSour Diesel

Wonder Qwest is an altered and perfected take on the classic East Coast Sour Diesel – nurtured, grown and harvested in the heart of British Columbia’s Cannabis Country. This strain is a sativa forward variety that induces a potent and exuberant high, that’s likely to induce energised sensation along with calming effects. This cultivar showcases a THC potency potential of 15% – 25%.

The flowers mature into outstandingly bright and airy structured nugs with a lime green colouration, topped off with a hefty layer of succulent trichomes that crystalize to give it a white glimmer. With a dense and intricate terpene profile the strain produces sour aromatics with sweet tones to compliment.


15-25 %
0-1 %


Full Body
1 hour


Experience your true quest in life. Qwest wants you to do just that, by indulging in the best flower to guide you through. Like whiskey or wine, taking the time to perfect cannabis is just as important to Qwest. That’s why they’ve carefully hand-crafted the best bud at a slow and steady pace to achieve perfection.

  • Small batch grown to achieve each plant’s vital needs.
  • All plants are hand trimmed for precision.
  • Uses pure mountain water for healthy plants.

Like a gift from nature, Qwest has access to pure mountain water that flows through their cannabis estate like a dream. This gives their plants that extra edge and natural features.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto