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The Rug Burn OG has came to fruition through crossing together Ghost OG and Rare Dankness #1, which have donated their illustrious genetics to this particular crop. As a stand alone strain it has won multiple awards in the Cannabis Cup throughout the years.

Rug Burn OG is a hybrid that has indica forward properties and an intricate terpene-rich profile which infuses the nugs with sour aromatics that are underlined by pungent scents of fuel and hints of organic syrup on the exhale. Expect an invigorating high as this strain can reach potency levels of 15% – 30% THC.


15-30 %
0-1 %


Full Body
1 hour

Rare Dankness Label

Based in Colorado, Rare Dankness has some of the most sought after genetics that cannabis can offer. Officially founded in 2010, the team has been working tirelessly before — over three decades collectively. What they’ve concocted is pure bliss, from their packaging right down to their seeds.

  • Offers discreet packaging in a small black box.
  • Have won numerous awards for top-quality cannabis.

Working with the world’s best strains, Rare Dankness is, well, rare dank. With seven strains to choose from — including indica, sativa, and hybrid — you’re dealing with some of the finest products out there.

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