Riff Two-Tone Ban Cannabis
Riff Two-Tone Ban Cannabis
Riff Two-Tone Ban Cannabis
Riff Two-Tone Ban Cannabis
Riff Two-Tone Ban Cannabis

RIFF CannabisTwo-Tone Ban

Two-Tone Ban by RIFF is a strain that has been almost alchemically mixed to create a magic potion of a hybrid strain that will leave beginners and experts alike feeling lighter, brighter, and ready to smile the whole day through. This proprietary strain has a high THC potential ranging between 16.7%-23.2% with little to no CBD concentration.

Perfect for those who need a burst of physical energy, this strain offers users a tantalizing musky aroma mixed with a touch of citrus. RIFF Two-Tone Ban is an expertly cultivated hybrid strain created for dedicated cannabis enthusiasts.

Users say that Two-Tone Ban is a diverse strain. Offering effective relaxation mixed with uplifting properties, this strain is a good middle ground for people who want to get high, but still feel alert. The pleasant, relaxing effects are the perfect counterpart to its invigorating, focused, cerebral effects.


16.7-23.2 %
0 %


Full Body
1 hour

RIFF Cannabis

Experienced cannabis consumers always know what they want and RIFF Cannabis is here to supply. RIFF is a community and cannabis brand with an eye for high-potency products. All RIFF flower features an average 19 percent THC and above, a perfect treat for truly dedicated Herbivores.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto