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Sensi Star

Sensi Star is grown in the most organic manner possible – Spinach aims to deliver a Farm-to-Bowl approach with this variety, delivering cannabis that is non-irradiated and comes free of harmful chemicals and additives that may influence its natural composition. The variety goes through a number of quality control measures to ensure that the crop retains its freshness and aromatics.

Sensi Star is an indoor-grown cultivar, harvested in Toronto, Ontario, which displays indica-dominant qualities with a terpene-rich profile that has the power to have you sparking up over and over again. Expect an organically flavourful bouquet of nectar aromas subtly interlaced with sour and fruity tones and an underlying coniferous fragrance.

The variety strain produces crips and colourfully diverse buds featuring a range of vivid greens contrasted by almost crimson pistil hairs.This variety features a cannabinoid concentration potential potency of 16% – 24% THC and up to 1% CBD.





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