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This variation of Skunk Haze is sungrown in an indoor-greenhouse environment where the flowers are quality controlled to ensure high levels of terpenes, high potency and all the other good stuff. Skunk Haze is a hybrid, balanced cultivar with a minute CBD dominance, featuring a cannabinoid index of 6% – 12% CBD and 4% – 8% THC. This variety is sustainably cultivated in BC, the so proclaimed cannabis capital of Canada.

This variation of the Skunk Haze definitely lives up to the name with its bold terpene profile and overall appearance. Expect deeply flavourful aromas of a fresh forest breeze resembling a bouquet of natural fragrances of pinecones, cedar wood and subtle hints of peppermint.


4-8 %
6-12 %


Full Body
1 hour

Tantalus Labs

Natural production strategies are becoming foolproof. Tantalus Labs commits itself to environmentally controlled energy to cultivate their cannabis. Located in British Colombia, the brand is swept off their feet with fresh air, clean water, natural light and other perfect conditions for growing plants. They even store rainwater for irrigation.

  • Uses natural sunlight to power their organic growth.
  • Grows cannabis within an environmentally controlled greenhouse.
  • Reduced their energy consumption.

With their team of experts, designers, scientists, and engineers, they were able to apply purpose-built greenhouses to their strategy. This is how Tantalus Labs are able to produce cushy kush and fuzzy buds all year round.

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