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THC Indica

This Indica dominant strain is perfectly packaged to use with ease and to ensure buds maintain a nice level of moisture. THC Indica is a landrace strain by the expert team of growers at THC BioMed. Indoor grown, this premium blend is produced using natural and organic methods. Stunning, dense, rich, dark green buds with amber hairs carry a nice heavy dusting of THC crystals.

The Indica greets you with a powerful herbal and citrus smell with faint notes of pine and hoppy, created by the naturally occurring terpene profile that includes myrcene (also found in mango and lemongrass), caryophyllene (also in black pepper and cloves), and limonene (in citrus fruits). The pungent sweet scents are a sure treat to any palate adding to the enjoyment of the high effect. Such terpenes help in relaxing the mind.

THC Indica has a very strong THC potency at 20-25% with a low trace of CBD present at 1% giving a powerful cannabis experience. Advised for experienced smokers, always remember to start low and go slow.





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