Up 50 Indica Cannabis Flower
Up 50 Indica Cannabis Flower
Up 50 Indica Cannabis Flower
Up 50 Indica Cannabis Flower
Up 50 Indica Cannabis Flower

Up Cannabis Inc.50

A classic take on the Kush varieties, 50 presents indica-dominant attributes and offers a medium THC potency of 10% – 18%, which is suitable for an array of cannabis consumers. The phenotype is grown in Up’s Great Emerald Hall indoor-greenhouse in Niagara, manually cultivated and sorted, and is finished by hand-trimming and craft-curation.

50 Kush boast medium sized florets which have strong emerald green hues and light green highlights among the trimmed sugar leaves. The bud is engulfed by layers of crystal trichomes contrasted by orange pistils. The aromatics are certainly enticing with powerful woody tones and accenting zesty tanginess. Terpenes attributed to the aromatics: Myrcene, Beta-Pinene, and Alpha-Pinene.


10-18 %
0.03 %


Full Body
1 hour

Up Cannabis Inc.

Up Cannabis Inc. is a true Canadian cannabis company. With legalization, all eyes are on Canada. Up Cannabis is committed to growing the best quality cannabis products while upholding Canadian values. Find flower, oils, and plenty of swag from up.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto