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ABX Live ResinAbsoluteXtracts

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ABX Live features a full-spectrum strain-specific live resin cannabis oil extracted from fresh, seasonal cannabis available in various concentrate formats. Made from select California grown strains from master breeders, these full-spectrum products offer an exclusive true-to-flower experience for cannabis enthusiasts. They possess a robust cannabinoid and terpene profile true to each strain, highlighting its flavors, aromas, and effects and delivering a well-balanced, beneficial high. ABX Live Resin products include:

  • Strain-specific, small-batch, seasonally fresh concentrates
  • 1 gram full-spectrum live resin vape cartridges
  • 500 mg full-spectrum live resin pods
  • 1 gram full-spectrum live resin dabbable concentrates

ABX Live’s award-winning formulations are designed to capture the essence of The Emerald Triangle’s fresh harvest, delivering an exclusive experience for the highly knowledgeable cannabis aficionados. With ABX Live, you’ll truly get to taste and experience the fresh highlights of every season’s harvest.

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Full Body
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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto