Canaca10:0 (Tenup) Oil

Another awesome edible from Canaca, 10:0 (Tenup) Oil is a great accessory to add to your food or consume solo. Extracted using an assortment of the finest premium ingredients and trimmed flowers, this oil is carried by an organic coconut oil derived MCT oil. This is also used to dilute the THC potency of the oil .

For accurate dosing, the dropper is marked with increments of 0.25 ml, whilst the full dropper can hold a total of 1ml of extract. Designed to provide the user with accurate delivery method, each milliliter contains 10mg of concentrated THC resin and 0mg of CBD.


10 mg/ml
0 mg/ml


Full Body
1 hour


Canaca believes in being good to your bud. At Canaca, Canadian strains are celebrated, giving all of their flowers a local feel. Their plants are sourced in BC and cultivated with expert care in Ontario. From coast to coast, Canaca makes you feel like home.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto