Canaca5:0 (Fiveup) Oil

5:0 (Fiveup) Oil is yet another great substitute for direct combustion of dry herb, and is an excellent choice for those wanting to cut down on smoking dry cannabis buds and similar products.

The oil comes in a bottle along with a dropper clearly outlined with minute increments of 0.25ml, and this enables the user to consume calculated doses to avoid overwhelming effects and to reach a preferred high.

Each dose of 0.25ml contains 0.45mg – 0.55mg of the finest THC concentrated extract. The rest of the oil consists of a coconut derived carrier oil called MCT, which is used to diffuse the strength of the unfiltered THC resin.


0.45-0.55 mg
0 mg/ml


Full Body
1 hour


Canaca believes in being good to your bud. At Canaca, Canadian strains are celebrated, giving all of their flowers a local feel. Their plants are sourced in BC and cultivated with expert care in Ontario. From coast to coast, Canaca makes you feel like home.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto