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CBD + CBN Calming TinctureCBDfx

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Unwind the mind with this full spectrum Calming Tincture featuring CBN and a proprietary terpene blend designed to calm you down. CBN is a minor cannabinoid that works similarly to its bigger brethren such as CBD and CBG. In the same way that these other cannabinoids perform, CBN binds to CB1 receptors and produces a sedative-like calm in the body and mind. This physiological response prompts the body to tire and get ready for bed.

Available in regular strength (500 mg CBD & 150 mg CBN), extra strength (1000 mg CBD & 150 mg CBN), maximum strength (2000 mg CBD & 150 mg CBN) and maximum strength plus (4000 mg CBD & 300 mg CBN).



Full Body
3 hours

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto