DosecannCBD Oil 30ml

Boost your wellness regime with convenient, discreet and simple to use CBD oil by Dosecann, made with high quality CBD oil and blended with pure MCT oil. All ingredients are natural and non genetically modified to ensure healthy and clean consumption. Dosecann are a team of experts developing formulations through ongoing research and development in the pursuit of excellence in cannabis innovation, certainly a blend you can trust.

Even easier to consume, the oil is flavourless and can be added to many recipes or beverages simply with a spray. We recommend that for best abortion though, spray just under the tongue. The highly potent CBD content will be sure to match your needs as it is extracted pure to deliver the goodness.

Formulated to provide you with a higher CBD content at 25mg/ml and very little THC at 1mg/ml, this is the perfect choice for new consumers or those who require lesser amounts of the psychoactive THC. This product is intended for oral use only so please do not smoke or vape this oil.


1 mg/ml
25 mg/ml


Full Body
1 hour


Working alongside world-class partners and innovative cannabis specialists, Dosecann is developing formulas that sparks creativity. Because of their impressive team, they’ve come to the understanding that no matter the method of consumption, products should still have the same exceptional value.

  • Dedicated to science and research development.
  • 42,000 square foot facilities for plant production.
  • Color-coded products for easy differentiation.

Offering oil-based cannabis in sprays and capsules, edibles and topicals, Dosecann has covered all bases. Their color-coordinated bottles allow users to know what has more THC than CBD — and vice versa. No trouble, no hassle, just good stuff.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto