Irisa Earth Cannabis Oil
Irisa Earth Cannabis Oil
Irisa Earth Cannabis Oil
Irisa Earth Cannabis Oil
Irisa Earth Cannabis Oil

IrisaEarth 1:2 Oil

Enjoy a natural, high-class, hybrid oil great for bringing focus, clarity, and motivation. Great for meditation or even just giving you the push to cook and clean, this really is a bottle of magic!

As an oil you can be as discreet as you want with application. With a nice content of 1 mg/ml THC and 2 mg/ml CBD, this oil is made with ethanol extraction methods. Expect a very mild oil as the terpenes have been removed. This gives a very medium bodied THC potency.

Great for benefiting those with anxiety and stress, the bottle is great to carry with you discreetly. This product is designated for ingestion only and not recommended for smoking or vaping.


1 mg/ml
2 mg/ml


Full Body
1 hour


Irisa is committed to creating cannabis products that can be seamlessly integrated into wellness routines. By designing products to suit specific areas of life, Irisa optimizes self-care journeys. All cannabis products are created indoors to ensure every product will be consistent and every experience will be predictable

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto