KKESensi Star Oil

Silky, smooth and premium, this recreational focused oil is developed for the everyday consumer who seeks the convenience, high potency THC and the availability to microdose discreetly. KKE Oil is one of the first of many recreationally available cannabis oils across Canada. This oil contains 25 – 28 mg/ml of THC and limited quantities of CBD at 1 mg/ml.

Sensi Star had been carefully chosen through a vigorous selection process that ensured this strain was right for the oil and the effects that KKE wanted to portray with their first ever oil. The strain originally comes from 7ACRES and features an impressive THC and terpene profile. The resin is extracted through a multi-stage, ethanol-free CO2 extraction technique that does not compromise the integrity of the terpenes or numb the potency levels.


25-28 mg/ml
1 mg/ml


Full Body
1 hour


With Wiz Khalifa being one of the co-founders of KKE, this brand won’t need to convince many people of how good their product is going to be. If you’ve been a part of the cannabis community for a number of years, you’ll know that Khalifa is one of the world’s most iconic people in the culture.

  • Wiz Khalifa is a key figure and co-founder.
  • Oils are easy to consume, potent in THC.

KKE oils are proudly able to say that they are one of the first recreational cannabis oils in Canada. Along with their award-winning specialists in the cannabis community globally, the KKE team supports a high-standard of produce.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto