LiivTHC Oil

THC Oil form Liiv delivers an unprecedented way of consuming cannabis without traditionally smoking it. This product is available in bottles of 40 and 20 milliliters, with the large 40ml bottle containing over 1000 mg of activated THC cannabinoids and over 500 mg in the smaller 20ml bottle. To break it down even further, each drop approximately contains 25 mg of activated cannabinoids.

Stay on a high with this rather discreet product – consume by simply adding to the underside of your tongue and get on with your day. Just with like most ingestibles, it is recommended to go low and take it slow to avoid doses too strong for your tolerance. The formula is standardized to produce consistently even potency in each bottle.


25 mg/ml
1 mg/ml


Full Body
1 hour


Liiv produces high-quality and effective cannabis products by meticulously crafting their collection from strains with strong lineages. Grown at a 550,000 square foot hydroponic facility, Liiv produces cannabis using state-of-the-art technology.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto