Marley NaturalMarley Natural Red Vape Cartridge

Marley Red is primarily formulated with the use of CBD rich strains, which are commonly used for their analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety qualities which work great to combat mild muscle and chronic pain. With relatively low traces of THC the oil contained within these cartridges should not induce overwhelming cerebral or euphoric effect. The cartridges present a potency potential of 10% THC and 65% CBD.

All of Marley Natural’s vaporizer carts are made from premium quartz glass and metal materials along with ceramic heating elements. The oils are extracted from sustainably grown crops from which the resin is withdrawn using a CO2 extraction technique.


10 %
65 %


Full Body
1 hour

Marley Natural

Reflecting on Bob Marley’s philosophies around the human spirit and his vision toward positive social change, Marley Natural have created a cause to stand by. By raising the right questions about sustainability and equality for all, the team behind Marley Natural is more than just a cannabis brand.

  • Huge selection of products with a wide purpose.
  • Cautious of their environmental footprint.
  • Giving back to communities that were misused during cannabis prohibition.

By giving back the power to people and communities that were damaged through cannabis prohibition, they hope to empower those toward a bright future. Apart from this, Marley Natural has carefully curated a pallet of cannabis that’s exceptional quality.

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto