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High THC 30:0Namaste

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Namaste’s High THC 30:0 cannabis oral spray definitely lives up to its name. Gain a new found sense of calm, happiness, and pain relief with a simple spray! Zero fuss, the oil comes in a 15ml format resulting in easy application and a more discreet and smoke free way of consumption.

Scents that can be identified when consuming this strain include notes of pine and herbs, great for soothing the body and mind. With the calming aromas the oil works wonders in meditation and can result in a feeling of bliss.

High THC 30:0 is exactly that, high in THC at an impressive 30mg/ml and low to no CBD. Mixed with high quality MCT oil to deliver the most natural and pure oils in cannabis consumption, just spray under the tongue for immediate absorption and long lasting effects.


30 mg/ml
1 mg/ml


Full Body
1 hour

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto