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Delta 8 Oil – Pineapple ExpressNass Valley Gardens

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The apex of the vortex of Delta 8 Oil engineering is here! This strand was made famous by Hollywood but continues to live up to the hype. This powerful hemp-derived Delta 8 Pineapple Express terpene oil will bring you good vibes and make you think hurricane season is over.

  • 1,000 mg of total Delta 8
  • 33.3 mg per ml drop
  • 1 fl oz/ 30 ml

Nass Valley oils are formulated and processed by in-house teams of pharmacists. Making for a finished product that stays true to the notes of bright citrus, pineapple, and pine that make Pineapple Express such an appealing strain. Helping you combat anxiety while consuming a 100% vegan and gluten-free product.

Delta 8 THCoiloils


Full Body
1 hour

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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto