Phyto ExtractsBlueberry Distillate Cartridge

As you may have gathered from the name these vape cartridges deliver terrific blueberry bliss aromas which are both sweet and savoury with woody tones accentuated throughout the extract. The resin is withdrawn from an indica forward variety and overall contains 75% – 85% THC with no CBD contents.

Formulated with no external additives for flavouring or filling out, all aromatics are 100% derived from food-grade, all natural terpenes. The cartridges feature ceramic heating elements which strive to deliver consistency and fluidity with every puff. The ceramic element absorbs 0.15ml of the 0.5ml contained within the cartridge which is why the carts appear to have head space at the top.


75-85 %
0 %


Full Body
1 hour

Phyto Extracts

Take your time and chill out with some of the best shatter known to mankind. Being one of the first original shatter brands, Phyto Extractions have been perfecting their product for over a decade.

  • One of the first-ever shatter companies.
  • Available in indica, sativa, and hybrid strains.

Taking your time really does pay off because this team has produced some of the highest potency shatter available to adoring fans. Not all shatter is made the same.

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